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May 9, Thursday
Kill the Noise Party
Apr 10, Wednesday
Emily Graves Live
Mar 13, Wednesday
Tom Underwood Live
Feb 16, Friday
Lik Invites Friends
Jan 18, Thursday
Tomas Will +Parks
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Thu 14/12/2023Universiteit Van Music, 1AM - 6PM find details
Thu 16/11/2023Find us on DJ Mac!12AM - 11PM find details
Thu 12/10/2023Universiteit van Nederland, , 7AM - 9PM find details
Fri 15/09/2023Everybody loves Ketchup, 1AM - 11PM find details
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Lewis Fautzi

“ The moment we walked to the booth at Apollo in Denver I knew they’d done it, and done it well – and we’re dying to go back…..”

Lewis Fautzi

Lowell Mcgee

“ Fun, fun, fun! Club music is not my scene, but I can appreciate a fun place when I see one and good times with friends. I will go back.”

Lowell Mcgee

Judy	Holt

“ It was my friend’s birthday and we all dressed up in our best attire while drinking and dancing the night away. I loved this place.”

Judy Holt



  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
  • Sat 11/19, 2016
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